BID | Quality Management System
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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Implementing a quality management system can benefit your business in many ways.  Initially it will take time and money to do so, however, in the long run your business will greatly benefit from this.

You may not have a system in place yet, or the system that you do have needs a review and an update. You may need a quality management system because of a tender that you would like to apply for, or you would like your business to implement best practice.

The hard work is implementing and documenting policies, procedures and forms to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard as well as meeting the requirements of your business.  Once this is implemented, you will need to maintain this system.  And this is when you will see the benefits that you never did see before.

Some of these benefits include winning tenders, transparency in all areas of the business, reviewing and updating processes to ensure efficiency, consistency, and possible growth in business.

Every quality management system will be specific to your business.  Although some of the documents are generic, they will need to be tailored to your specific industry and to your specific business.  You may wish to conduct this in-house, or with our help.